Black Friday: should it be considered as another sales peak by payment solutions?

When facing Black Friday, online merchants need a bulletproof payment solution. After many Black Fridays dealt with its top clients, Dalenys proved its ability to adjust processing capacity while maintaining integrity of the technical platform.

Payment Managers are key in this period, as they benefit from the platform’s reliability and are close to the merchants. Providing business expertise and guiding merchants through technical challenges, they have a central part in optimizing the payment performance. One of the French leading merchant in multimedia and home appliances, will offer this year again great deals. As in 2017, this strategy aims at generating additional 30% turnover in this period of the year.

As merchants deploy ambitious plans on this sales peak, payment partners cannot disappoint them. Being prepared for much more every day of the year is the most effective way to be ready for Black Friday.

Discover how Dalenys Payment Managers guide merchants through sales peaks, by downloading the report.


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