Case Study | Tediber, the incredible omnichannel payment

I Furniture & Interior Decoration Industry in 2015, Tediber launched its unique mattress concept. First sold exclusively on and recently available in a Parisian concept store, the brand promises clarity and simplicity: its unique product of exceptional quality is marketed without intermediary, at the right price, for all and all year.

If the brand can claims this offer of values, it is because it deals with the design as well as the manufacturing and the distribution. Mastering the pre-sale stages is not only a guarantee of quality and traceability, but it also allows Tediber to lay the groundwork for a strong positioning based on a seamless customer experience.

The issue tackled by Dalenys : “How can Tediber offers its customers an online and instore payment that is pleasant, surprising and make them smile?”

Discover the methodology used by Dalenys to support Tediber.

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